PLEASE NOTE: The customization capability of the site is still undergoing development. What follows is a description of how it will work when available. Nonetheless, obtaining a box that you've seen or conceived is still possible. Simply drop me a note by clicking here. I'm sure we can work together to craft what you need.

Customizing your treasure box to match your style and needs can be fun and engaging. I want you to be thrilled with the results of your time, consideration and effort.

Unfortunately, the site is not technically capable of showing an image of your selections in real time. Given that visualizing what you've chosen may be difficult, I offer two options for customizing and purchasing your treasure box.

BUY NOW: If your comfortable with your selections, and do not need to see how it will ultimately look, select the BUY NOW option.

SEND IMAGE: If you'd prefer to see a rendered image of what your treasure box will look like select the SEND IMAGE option.

There is a $25 fee associated with the SEND IMAGE option that can be applied to your purchase.  If you choose this option you will receive an e-mail within a few days containing a link allowing you to see a rendered image of your box and to purchase it.

If, after receiving the e-mail and image link you want to make further changes and to see those changes rendered, you will need to start the process over.