Your Paddock Way creation is fashioned from start to finish by a single, skilled craftsperson. Construction begins with meticulous selection of the finest hardwoods. We love Cherry. That's our first choice and what we use to render your piece in the CREATE YOUR OWN builder on this site. We also like to work in accent woods - Bird's Eye Maple in particular - to provide visual interest and distinction. Yet, if your taste runs to Mahogany, or Walnut, or even White Oak we can accommodate your preferences. Simply let us know. It's your creation. You should get what you want. You can see some of what we offer below.

In building your piece we employ traditional, artisanal methods of construction. Mortise and tenon joinery to ensure structural integrity. Floating panels to accommodate wood's natural tendency to expand and contract. To accentuate the wood's grain and natural color we top it off with a finish of linseed oil and wax. Hand-applied. Five coats. No catalyzed this or oven-dried that. Just hands, effort and air. And it looks and feels fabulous.

Primary woods are used to build the body of your piece. Accent woods are used to provide contrast and visual interest within the body of your piece. You'll see them employed as inlays and as accent components in, for instance, a table.

PLEASE NOTE: The CREATE YOUR OWN builder renders your piece, on screen, in Cherry and Bird's Eye Maple. If you prefer different woods in the piece you wish to order simply let us know. We'll make the switch. There's no difference in price.


Earthy. Warm. Amazing grain. Our wood of choice.


Rich. Deep in color. Classic in style.


Healthy grain. Chocolatey taste. Yum.

White Oak

Rugged. Traditional to Arts & Crafts furniture.


Light. Crisp. Contemporary.

Bird's Eye Maple

Amazing grain. Won't think it's wood.


Exotic. Deep red ages to a warm claret.


Substantive. Large impact in small doses.


The aromatic type. Lines our blanket chest.