Lots, as I hope you'll see. But first, my personal thanks to all of you who've had an experience with us, have shared kind words, and have offered feedback. It's much appreciated. The response to what we're doing - the site, the product, the service - has been great. So, again, thank you.        Best, Jack.

We've been busy designing new items for you to customize. While they're not in our CREATE YOUR OWN builder yet, many will be in the near future. In the meantime, take a peek.

If you live within the 48 contiguous states of the US shipping is free. Any item. All the time. Other details here.

As you may know (or soon will) you can save your designs on the site. There's no charge to do it and no obligation to buy. But, there are benefits. For you? Special offers and promotions. For us? We get to see what you like. Works for all of us.

While we love Cherry and Bird's Eye Maple, others have requested more options in wood choice for their piece. Now you have it. The CREATE YOUR OWN builder will still render your piece in Cherry and Bird's Eye Maple but if you want something else, just let us know. Here are the new options for you.

O Magazine. That's O like Oprah. February issue. Look us up. Pretty cool huh?