We appreciate the investment, in time and in money, that you may make with us. In return, we're confident that we will deliver to you a product, and an experience, that exceeds your investment. Below you can read about times that we did and maybe some occasions where we didn't.

The table arrived on Wednesday. Your packaging is very impressive and the piece survived the move perfectly. It's just beautiful. The craftsmanship is obvious and we are thrilled. Thank you, thank you. I am so glad I found your website. I look forward to seeing the table deepen in color as the cherry ages (don't you love this about cherry?)

Stephanie, Ann Arbor MI

PaddockWay.com Stephanie's Table IMAGE PaddockWay.com Stephanie's Table RENDER

My new table has arrived and WOW it looks even better than it did online! The wood is rich and the quality superb. I love that I got to pick the "combinations", and it came out great. I am already getting compliments...my friends are headed your way! Thanks, you really delivered. Hmmm, where else in this house do I need a new piece of furniture?

Berta, Nashua NH

I just spent about a month walking through a bunch of furniture stores looking for a coffee table. You'd think a coffee table is a pretty common item. Actually it's not and the ones you do see all tend to look the same. Most manufacturers "don't do custom orders". I don't generally shop for much online, especially furniture, but after using the furniture mixer (very easy to use) to try different options and see how my piece would look, I decided to give it a try. I thought, at least I'll get it the way I want it and I did. My only issue is that I wanted the table by Christmas but that wasn't the end of the world.

Wendy, Concord MA

My husband didn't think we needed a curio. He's an engineer and when I showed him the website he was so intrigued by it that he actually helped design the piece. We are both thrilled with how well it fits into our Arts and Crafts inspired home. Thank You! Now we need a coffee table to match. Will you guys do custom sizes?

Robin, Andover MA

I'm a bit of a techie neophyte but somehow I managed to build my hall table and send you my picture. It was a little tricky figuring out the accents and stretchers but all the more reason to try out different options. I was surprised by how different the look can be by just changing the legs or tops.

Gayle, Swampscott MA

When I got my bed (here's my picture of it fresh out of the box) I honestly felt like I had built it myself, though never in a million years could I have created something like this by hand. But, I did. With a mouse. I was a little worried about what I'd receive but those fears are gone now.

Brian, Belmont MA