What's behind the name "Paddock Way"? Truth be told it has nothing to do with furniture, but everything to do with inspiration. Paddock Way is a well-loved destination - a little postage stamp of land on Cape Cod where friends and family gather to relax and recharge. Where little gets done but a lot is inspired. Creativity and passion. Design ideas and distinctive furniture.

It's just furniture right? Uh, no. Not for us. We've spent 30 years lying awake at night designing pieces in our unquiet mind. It's a passion that's driven us (crazy? No...) to cherish Arts & Crafts-styled furniture, influenced by greats like Frank Lloyd Wright, the brothers Greene & Greene, Roycroft, and Mackintosh. And, hopefully, when you work with us, you'll find that it's more than furniture for you too. Paddock Way is as much about the creative process as it is about the resulting product. A process that accommodates your tastes, your needs, your choices. Why shouldn't it? It's your furniture.


What can you expect from us? Great question. Here it is.

Quality - What you'll see and feel reflects the artisanal skills we apply to each unique piece. We're not about mass production or worldwide shipments. This is one-person-to-one-piece quality.

Attentiveness - You may expend a lot of time, money and emotional energy with us. In creating your piece we will too, guaranteed. The guy running the show watches everything. And he's a little obsessive.

Relationship - We hope you're so proud of what you create, you'll share it with us, and you'll share it with others. We'll share what we're up to as well. We'll try to not be obnoxious.

Satisfaction - All we ask is that you try not to be obnoxious, as well. If you're not satisfied, just tell us. We're easy to find. And, we'll do our best to make it right. Period. So, go ahead and yelp, tweet, text, blog, post but, please, with a dose of respect. Fair enough?

This is Paddock Way. This is furniture inspired by you.