Here are a few of the more common questions we're asked. If your question isn't addressed here simply send a note to and we'll respond promptly.

What are my shipping costs?

For all standard items, shipping is free to any proper address within the 48 contiguous states of the U.S. Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii or destinations outside of the U.S. are subject to the costs of shipping and are quoted separately. We can provide you with a shipping quote prior to placing your order. Simply send an e-mail to Please be sure to include your name, e-mail address, phone number and the piece you wish to purchase. It's not necessary to tell us the components of your piece simply the type of piece it is (Nightstand, Bed, etc.). This policy is subject to change. Free shipping does not apply to custom orders.

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Can I cancel my order?

Yes. You may cancel your order within 7 calendar days of placing it for no charge. To do so you must send an e-mail to that includes name, address, phone, e-mail, order number and the specific item you are cancelling (in the event you ordered multiple items but are only cancelling one).

Given that your Paddock Way piece is being custom-crafted to your explicit request, should you choose to cancel your order beyond 7 calendar days of placing it you will be charged a "Custom Order Cancellation Fee" as follows:

  • A fee of $99.00 for any item under $1,000.00,
  • A fee of $199.00 for any item over $1,000.00 but less than $2,000.00
  • A fee of $299.00 for any item over $2,000.00.

This fee exists to cover the material and labor invested in your custom-crafted piece prior to your cancellation.

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Can I return my order?

Yes. Returns are accepted in cases where your Paddock Way piece has been damaged or there is a clear defect of workmanship (please read the “What do I do if I suspect a defect in my piece? FAQ). We want you to be happy.

We ask that you contact us by phone (Toll Free 1-855-852-7997). E-mail ( works too but we’ll want to speak with you personally so that we may understand the reason for your return and provide you with the steps necessary to get it back to us.

Please note, damages that you suspect are a result of shipping must be reported within 24 hours of receipt. No reconciliation of payments will be done without an authorization to return issued by Paddock Way.

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How long do I have to wait to get my furniture?

Typically, your Paddock Way furniture will be shipped to you within 6-8 weeks of the placement of your order. Given that most furniture may take as many as 14 weeks to arrive (and custom furniture even longer) we hope you find that timeframe acceptable. In many cases, we'll keep you apprised of where we stand on your furniture along the way. You'll be notified when it's ready to ship and will be able to track its progress if you like.

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What are the dimensions of all the furniture pieces?

If you click to the Furniture, Options & Ideas gallery you can see the dimensions of all pieces located in their descriptions. If you simply want the quick answer here you go:

Nightstand 18L x 14W x 26H
End Table 26L x 14W x 26H
Small Coffee Table 36L x 18W x 16H
Large Coffee Table 48L x 24W x 16H
Hall Table 54L x 16W x 27H
Desk 60L x 28W x 30H
Curio 21L x 12W x 60H
Bed (Queen) 85L x 67W x 48H

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What if I suspect a defect in my furniture?

Call us as soon as possible (Toll Free 1-855-852-7997). E-mail ( works too but we’ll want to speak with you personally. If you choose e-mail please make sure to include a number where you can be reached.

If we determine, together, that something is wrong we’ll fix it. But, please remember, despite our skill your Paddock Way piece is a product of nature. All wood is subject to the influences of light, temperature and humidity. We stand behind our workmanship. Yet, we’re limited in our control over nature.

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This is Paddock Way. This is furniture inspired by you.